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The Parties to this Memorandum of Understanding, declaring their common intention to participate in the concerted Action referred to above and described in the technical Annex to the Memorandum, have reached the following understanding:

  1. The Action will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of document COST 270/07 “Rules and Procedures for Implementing COST Actions”, or in any new document amending or replacing it, the contents of which the Parties are fully aware of.
  2. The main objective of the Action is to advance our knowledge on various aspects of goats’ parasitology and health management towards a better understanding of the different components explaining the specificities of goat-parasite interactions as well as to develop sustainable strategies to control parasitic diseases in goats.
  3. The economic dimension of the activities carried out under the Action has been estimated, on the basis of information available during the planning of the Action, at EUR 92 million in 2008 prices.
  4. The Memorandum of Understanding will take effect on being accepted by at least five Parties.
  5. The Memorandum of Understanding will remain in force for a period of 4 years, calculated from the date of the first meeting of the Management Committee, unless the duration of the Action is modified according to the provisions of Chapter V of the document referred to in Point 1 above.
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